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As Real Estate Agents, we undertake to exclusively represent the interests of the seller or buyer who has previously given us a firm mandate for the sale or acquisition of a property.


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We are convinced it is not just about Buying, Selling, or Renting a property. It is about helping him choose the ideal place to share the best experiences at home. A real estate agency is a company dedicated to purchasing and selling properties, such as houses, apartments, offices, and premises, among others.


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We will help you manage your real estate offer in the best way, guaranteeing the best information and guidance on the market in your area of ​​interest. After study, we will also inform you of the different possible options so that you can quickly achieve your goal. 

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Nothing is better than communicating with someone with all the clear and exact answers to our questions. When purchasing a property, advice is vital to make the right decision.

Legal and reliable operations

A big problem with Buying an Apartment on your own is finding yourself with endless operations and hazardous situations for your bank account.

No more negotiations

In sales, negotiation is essential. When purchasing a property, we can create friction between the parties involved in the operation due to a conflict of interest.

Secure payments

Once the notary confirms that all the documentation is in order, the purchase, sale, and payment can occur.

Customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Another excellent task that can be achieved thanks to real estate marketing is the measurement and improvement of customer satisfaction. Real estate companies can better understand what their customers want and need by tracking and analyzing website visits, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per lead (CPL), etc.

This information can create a compelling customer experience that increases property sales and rental conversions.

Through real estate marketing, real estate companies and real estate agents can work to improve their trust and reputation within the real estate sector. This could involve publishing thought leadership content, creating a social media presence, and collaborating with industry influencers to gain credibility and recognition within the real estate community.

Nice presentation

Invest in a good presentation

The first impression is everything. Therefore, prepare a presentation of your real estate agency in which you tell the story and its philosophy.
Plan and strategy

Our successful strategies

Realistic marketing budget

Once you are clear about your real estate marketing goals and objectives, defining the budget you can allocate to implement your strategies is essential.

Good financial deals

Real estate agencies have agreements with banks, so obtaining financing and options for renting properties is easier for them.

Qualified personnel

Real estate agents, legal team, financial team, real estate marketing, etc.

Digital tools

An excellent real estate agency uses digital tools that systematize processes, manage data, and help improve communication with its clients.

Edit a real estate magazine.

You can launch a real estate magazine with relevant information for your audience. You will have to worry about generating new and exciting content. In addition, it is also important that it presents an attractive format and is easy to read.

Set up a real estate blog

It would be best to dedicate a section to creating a blog on your real estate website. With content marketing, you will offer valuable information to your clients; the best is that they receive it for free.

These questions that every real estate agent should have prepared before showing a property

Showing properties, opening the door, and describing the rooms are beyond the services of a real estate agent. For it to be a fruitful task, it requires a strategy, and to have a plan, it is essential to know what each client is looking for.

It is a fundamental question because it defines the two markets to look for.

It is essential to know the type of apartment or house the client wants, dimensions, neighborhood, common areas, orientation, etc. Beyond the general description, asking about the three or four essential elements that will help limit visits is interesting.

How many people make up the family unit? Are there children? Older people? What ages? Knowing these details will help understand the space needs and services in the area that may be most interesting to the client.

Depending on whether you travel a lot or work from home, if there are school-age children, or if you play sports, priority may be given to properties that are well connected to the airport, that are close to a park or a particular school, that have a common area with gym or sports courts, etc. 

The idea is to put yourself in the client’s shoes and present only properties with very high possibilities according to their interest.

Some prefer a cheaper property to start with that they can renovate to their liking, and those who, due to lack of time or desire to supervise a project, prefer to be able to move in as soon as they have the keys. 

Another critical question in this sense is when they would like to move to assess whether the deadlines are feasible.

Some properties in the portfolio may meet most of the client’s basic requirements but not all: apartments without elevators or parking, balconies but no terrace, etc. You have to know which of these elements you could do without if the property meets the rest of the desired characteristics.

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I recommend you to anyone asking about real estate here in Costa Rica. Thanks again.
S. Rudolph
I have been blessed with excellent realtors; you are one of the best companies.
Joe R.